About Us

Our Story

Optimus Auto Trading was founded in Singapore on August 29th, 2017 by a dedicated team of professionals with extensive experience working within the automotive industry.

With more than 10 + years’ experience operating in both the local and export automotive industries, we formed this innovative company to provide a range of comprehensive and quality services to support this industry regionally.

Dealing primarily in the sales and export of vehicles within and outside of Singapore, Optimus Auto Trading is quickly growing into one of the most trustworthy service providers in this competitive industry, offering services that prioritize quality, honesty, and transparency.

Optimus Office

Our 2,185 ft2 facility is located within the strategic Ubi area of Singapore, which is well-known in the regional automotive industry for serving as a hub to many of the nation’s showrooms and authorized dealers, thus very fitting for our operation.

Our desire is for Optimus Auto Trading to be the first choice for those looking to sell or purchase a vehicle from Singapore, providing creative and beneficial solutions to the automotive needs of our clientele on a global scale.

Vision & Mission


Optimus Auto Trading as the top choice for clients desiring to purchase or sell a vehicle, both within Singapore and globally.


Deliver positive client experiences through our relentless focus on building trust, as well as conducting our business relationships in a way that preserves honesty, integrity, and longevity at the forefront.

Our Products & Services

At Optimus Auto Trading, we aim to connect our clients both in Singapore, as well as in other global locations, with a variety of strategic and high-quality services corresponding to the automotive industry.  Our comprehensive selection of services includes:

Car Insurance Application

Our dedicated team is available to help get you set up and started with a professional car insurance policy that best fits your needs.

Our extensive network and experience in the Singapore automotive industry makes us the right choice to help you successfully navigate obtaining a quality and affordable insurance policy to get you safely on the road.

COE Renewal Service

We are well-versed in the handling of COE Renewals from start to finish, ensuring quick and professional work that is done with care.

We work hard to provide a service that exceeds client expectations, while also delivering on our commitment to provide both competitive and cost effective pricing.

Car Rental Services

Our large selection of top quality rental vehicles is available for your any and every need.

Whether you are travelling on a business trip, or taking your family on a holiday in Singapore, we have just the right accommodation to get you where you need to go.

Trustworthy and Reliable Vehicle Export

We serve our clientele through the professional export of vehicles to destinations around the globe, including, but not limited to :  the Americas, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, Oceania, and more.

Our experienced automotive export team is here to serve you and ensure the safe arrival of your vehicle overseas.

New and Used Vehicle Sales from Singapore

We connect you to a vast and diverse selection of both new and used top-of-the-line Singapore vehicles.

From luxury sedans, to passenger vehicles, and even sports cars, we are confident that Optimus Auto Trading has just the vehicle that you are looking for.

Our Values

Relationship Matters

We desire to forge long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with our clientele.

We recognize the value of building trust and relationship through consistent effort over time, rather than pursuing short-term gain at the expense of our client-relations.

We want our clientele to see something different in how we conduct our business, something that draws them into both a friendship and long-lasting business relationship with us for years to come.

Integrity is Key

Transparency, honesty, and integrity are key characteristics of the way we do business at Optimus Auto Trading.

We train our professional staff to exhibit these character traits in every client interaction and business dealing.

We realize that in order to build trust and strong relationships with our clientele, we need to be above reproach in every way, seeking their best interest over our own, laying a firm foundation for the long-term success of our company.

Strong Leadership

Our “there are no bad soldiers under a good general” philosophy serves a guide to how we view leadership within our company.

We believe that a strong leader will lead by example, demonstrating to their people how to be effective.

At Optimus Auto Trading, we develop leaders, who, in turn, develop other leaders, creating a culture that is built upon the dedication, commitment, and example of many equipped and empowered individuals.

Why Choose Optimus Auto Trading?

  • We work to create mutually beneficial relationships based on both integrity and transparency with every client that we have the pleasure of serving
  • We have 10 + years experience serving both the Singapore and global automotive industry
  • We have a diverse array of integrated automotive services
  • We are conveniently located within the Ubi automotive hub area of Singapore
  • We offer trustworthy and reliable services